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  10 Tips for Launching a Successful Technology Pilot

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Second semester is the perfect time to test drive new initiatives, but a thorough, minimally disruptive pilot program requires careful planning.

Learn how to test digital tools and content without compromising student learning.  During this recording, we cover:

  • Best practices for piloting a new edtech initiative
  • How to use data to monitor and evaluate the success of your program
  • Strategies for empowering teachers and students to embrace new technology

  • Results from pilot programs that launched in January


Anthony Galardi

School Partnership Manager

Anthony is an experienced educator who always knew that he wanted to work with kids.  In high school, he ran an after-school program at a local elementary school.  Upon arriving at college, Anthony began working with refugees who needed support once they arrived to the United States.  He received a B.A. in Elementary Education and an M.A. in Educational Policy and Curriculum from Michigan State University.  Having taught in the Detroit, New York City, and Ann Arbor public school systems, Anthony knows the importance of using data to inform instruction and understands what a successful classroom looks like.  At eSpark, Anthony supports districts as they pilot and adopt new blended learning initiatives..