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  Strengthening Student Engagement in Your District

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The rise of educational technology means that many administrators are looking for digital content that increases both academic achievement and student engagement. There are over 100,000 educational apps and countless instructional videos available to educators, but the vast majority of this content fails to engage young learners.

In this video, we outline key strategies and best practices for making sure that your school or district is helping students develop a lifelong love of learning.  

During this webinar, we answer the following questions:

  • What does student engagement look like? Why does it matter?
  • How does student engagement affect academic and postsecondary outcomes?
  • What types of apps and digital content captivate students?


Chris McCormick

Senior Curriculum Developer

Chris graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in History & African Studies. He moved to Chicago, became a volunteer teacher, and taught Kindergarten and fifth grade. Chris received his Masters of Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University and graduated from Accelerate Institute’s Teacher Leadership Academy.