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  How to Prepare Students for the Careers of the Future

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Data Scientist, Cloud Architect, Digital Content Developer - some of today’s most popular jobs didn’t exist 10 years ago.  But how can educators make sure that students are prepared to take on jobs that don’t exist yet?  While we can’t predict what a successful career might look like in 2030, we can teach students the 21st century skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing economy.  

Matt Gaven, principal of Mineola Middle School, is doing just that.  With numerous STEAM and blended learning initiatives, Mineola Middle School is making sure its students are responsible, creative, and have the tech and social skills required by tomorrow’s global job market. Watch our interview with Matt Gaven to learn how your district can prepare students to take on the careers of the future.  


Matt Gaven

Principal of Mineola Middle School

At Mineola Middle School, Principal Gaven has created a welcoming enviroment that pushes students to do their best academically and socially. Prior to being principal, he was named Director of Personnel Pupil Services at Mineola School District and served five years as Principal at Jackson Avenue Schools. Principal Gaven is commited to nurturing strong learning communities  and has a track record of launching successful edtech initiatives that set students up for postsecondary success.