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  How to Prepare Students for Next Generation Assessments

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During this recorded webinar, learn how to unpack Webb's Depth of Knowledge and plan engaging classroom activities that prepare students for next generation assessments.

Measuring college and career readiness, next generation assessments require students to demonstrate Common Core skills and complete intellectually rigorous tasks such as analysis, creation, and modification. With over half of recent high school graduates reporting that they are unprepared for life after 12th grade, it's clear that not enough students are learning the 21st century skills essential to  postsecondary success.  Watch this recorded webinar to access  teaching strategies and easily adaptable lesson plans that teach digital literacy, student accountability, and higher level thinking.

In this video, we:

  • Align Webb's DOK with Bloom's Taxonomy

  • Dissect the Common Core and technology skills tested by PARCC and Smarter Balanced

  • Share detailed lesson plans that target DOK levels 3 and 4 

  • Host a live Q&A to answer your questions about Depth of Knowledge and next generation assessments 


Mary Ellen Mazza

New Partnerships Associate

Mary Ellen knows that teachers need innovative technology and collaborative partners to create joyful, challenging, and inquisitive spaces for students. A graduate of Notre Dame, Mary Ellen went on to receive her M.A. in English education from Columbia University’s Teacher College. Before joining eSpark, she taught grades 6-12 in Chicago and New York. Having seen the skills required for next generation assessments firsthand, Mary Ellen is passionate about using authentic assessments and creative lessons to prepare students for college and careers.