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  7 Tips to Succeed with iPads in Early Childhood

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Envisioning iPads in the hands of your district’s youngest learners next fall?

Not sure how to make an early childhood initiative possible—or more importantly, successful? Watch this previously recorded webinar to unlock 7 tips to support your teachers as they develop time effective, developmentally appropriate methods of utilizing iPads in preschool and kindergarten.

Tips shared during this previously recorded webinar include:

  • How to design an early childhood program that maximizes those iPad features that can create the most engaging and interactive learning experiences for young learners
  • Methods of structuring a classroom environment and instilling management procedures to use mobile technology efficiently and safely during the school day

  • Qualities to look for while sourcing iPad apps for preschool and kindergarten students and a list of the top 9 early childhood apps (read the blog summary here: http://blog.esparklearning.com/9-best-apps-for-kindergarten-and-preschool)



Tracy Reynolds

New Partnerships Manager

Tracy Reynolds is a New Partnerships Manager at eSpark. Prior to her current role, she was a first grade Baltimore City Public School teacher and a Teach For America alumnus. In her 4 years as a teacher she had students across all learning levels and the need for differentiation was obvious. At eSpark, Tracy works with districts across the country to help them implement blended learning models that help teachers use technology to solve the problem of classroom differentiation.


Grace Ardery

New Partnerships Associate

Grace Ardery is a New Partnerships Associate at eSpark. Like Tracy, Grace helps district administrators explore iPad learning options to help more children in the U.S. receive access to education that fosters his or her unique skill set. She spent two years teaching Pre-Kindergarten in an urban Milwaukee school and received her Masters of Urban Education in 2014.