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Experience your students eSparking with a two-day trial.

During a free two-day trial, our team will come on-site to help you experience eSpark in action.

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Interested in eSpark, but not sure how it will work in your schools with your students?

Experiencing eSpark and the benefits of individualized learning in your school district is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.


1. Plan

prepare for an eSpark classroom

After selecting a teacher and classroom for the trial, our team will coordinate all the logistics of the two-day itinerary. eSpark will assign student goals based on your assessment data ahead of time—we'll arrive on day one with a class set of iPads pre-loaded with an individualized curriculum for each one of your unique learners.


2. Engage

IMMERSE students in eSpark

The first day will begin with a brief introduction to eSpark with step-by-step instructions for the entire class. We'll work alongside your teacher to co-faciliate an eSpark session in his or her classroom. Administrators and other teachers can observe the students in action to understand how learners engage with individualized apps, videos, and creative challenges within eSpark.


3. Debrief

Review data Results from eSpark

Along with showcasing the student experience, we'll compile preliminary data to share during a wrap-up debrief session with your administrative team.  Quiz results, engagement percentages, live dashboards, and student video examples will suggest early effects of individualized iPad instruction with eSpark after just two days.

Ready to try eSpark in your school?

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