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eSpark captivates students with individualized apps, videos, and creative challenges.

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How does eSpark benefit your students?

eSpark Engages Students

Engage with purposeful, creative iPad curriculum

Individualize with Ease

Individualize with ease to target unique goals


Create custom assignments for targeted skill practice

Accelerate Results

Accelerate results to help students succeed

Engage with purposeful, creative iPad curriculum

Make iPad time more purposeful with curriculum your students will love. In eSpark, kids engage with the best third-party apps, videos, and quizzes curated to help them learn and practice skills in math and reading. As students progress, they extend their thinking and synthesize knowledge in a creative challenge before advancing to master new skills.

Engage with a Creative iPad Curriculum

Individualize with ease to target unique goals

Meet every student at their level while they engage in eSpark’s self-paced curriculum. Based on district data, student needs are diagnosed and goals are assigned by eSpark’s assessment engine to make individualization achievable for intervention and enrichment instruction. Teachers can feel confident knowing that students are getting the help they need to succeed within your district’s general education, ELL, or SPED populations.

Create custom assignments for targeted skill practice

Built to help teachers achieve their instructional goals, eSpark’s Custom Assignments feature delivers a mini-quest of engaging apps, videos, and a post-quiz to give students both direct instruction and practice to target a standard.

In addition to each eSpark student having a personalized learning pathway, teachers can also assign specific assignments to target issues they are seeing in the classroom. By using this feature within eSpark’s research-driven program, teachers can give students the extra practice they need in a highly engaging format that saves valuable planning and prep time.


Accelerate results to help students succeed

Close the achievement gap and improve academic outcomes with targeted iPad time. To inform decision making, we analyze third-party assessment data from the beginning, middle, and end of each school year to measure the impact of eSpark on student achievement. On average, eSpark students achieve 1.5x their expected yearly growth and gain skills that will help them succeed in school and in life.

Accelerate Data Results
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