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Funding eSpark Learning Products

 eSpark Learning's products are eligible for federal, state, and local funding sources. By exploring these opportunities, your school may identify many different methods of budgeting for the purchase of eSpark and Frontier. 


A variety of funding options for curriculum, technology, professional development, infrastructure, and/or special education may be applicable to cover the costs of a digital learning implementation. Splitting the costs between multiple budget pools can help make the overall investment much more manageable.

To learn more about grants and funding sources, explore the sections below. To learn more about our pricing structure and to request a quote, visit our Pricing section

Grants and Funding for Math and ELA Programs

Federal Funding
 Click the links below to learn more about how eSpark Learning aligns with many federal funding sources:
Local Funding

Many schools apply for private or foundation funds to cover the cost of our products. These funds are often offered by local and regional foundations in your area. To identify promising opportunities, try researching organizations that support K-12 education near you.

Additionally, explore your local district’s bond money or outstanding proposals to see if it might be fit for purchasing our products. Many of our partners have funded a portion of their eSpark Learning initiative with bond dollars granted to the district.


Do you have a different source of funding that could be used for eSpark or Frontier?

Interested in learning more about using grant money to fund your programs?

Our team would be happy to discuss how eSpark Learning's products could fit into your district’s funding strategy.


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