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Open your students’ minds with self-directed writing projects

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Frontier engages students with digital research and writing projects about topics they choose and love.

ELA and Writing

Research projects to grow reading, note taking, and writing skills


Peer Feedback

Safe online interaction with classmates for project feedback and revisions


Grades 3 to 8

Students access projects appropriate for 3rd to 8th grade learners


Student Choice

Students select projects that interest them from a variety of topics and disciplines

How Frontier works in your classroom

  • Curation
  • Research
  • Creation
  • Feedback

Students sign in and select a Frontier, or project, about a topic they love.

Each project option is aligned to the student’s unique learning level as determined by existing third-party assessment data.


A team of experienced teachers source and approve Frontier resources, so you don't have to.

These engaging third-party resources are leveled to each student's individual skill level and feature a variety of viewpoints.


Students engage with and take notes on digital resources including articles, videos, and podcasts.

Frontier models what strong research practices look like, preparing students for the independent projects they'll encounter in high school and college.


After working through curated digital research, students use Google Apps to complete a creative final project.

Referencing the notes they took throughout their research, students can choose between Google Docs and Google Slides to form their response.


Students work with their classmates to give and receive peer feedback before submitting their final project.

Working with peers helps students improve their thoughtful criticism skills, and gives them a chance to integrate feedback.


Dozens of projects that students (and teachers!) love

Discover a few of the topics students will research and write about

Argumentative Writing

Should every school teach kids how to code?


My coding project

Write a letter or create a presentation to send to your school principal expressing your thoughts about coding. Use evidence from this project to describe why it is or is not a good idea for your school to teach kids how to code. Make sure your project: answers the question, explains what coding is, uses at least 3 pieces of evidence from the resources, and is organized.

Narrative Writing

What makes Hamilton so unique?


My historical creation

No one imagined that a hip-hop musical about America’s first treasury secretary would become on the most successful Broadway shows of all time. In this Frontier, you get to learn about “Hamilton: An American Musical” and then make your own creative project about an event in history.

Explanatory Writing

Should driverless cars be allowed on the road?


My driverless car

Have you ever wondered how driverless cars work? Should we use them? Are they safe? In this Frontier you’ll learn about how driverless cars work and different people’s opinions about them. Then you’ll decide what you think and convince the National Transportation Safety Board whether driverless cars should be allowed on the road or not.

Narrative Writing

When is failing a good thing?


My inspirational poster

In this project you will learn how important failure is to become amazing at something. Then you will create a digital poster, infographic, or letter to inspire yourself when you fail.

Frontier takes the stress out of teaching


Frontier offers student friendly features that keep teachers happy too.



Activities are varied depending on student level and ability


Digital Resources

Approved YouTube videos, podcasts, apps and articles


GAFE Embedded

Google Apps for Education are a built in tool for project creation


Digital Citizenship

Safe online interaction with peers encourages digital citizenship


Align with Standards

Purposeful activites tie back to your school’s curriculum and testing



Recaps on student progress are sent to teachers weekly

Preparing students for life-long success

We’re proud to work with educators focused on growing student-led learning


"[Frontier] provides us with an opportunity to extend learning for students who have traditionally been left out of the conversation."

Director of Schools

District in Pennsylvania


Frontier in Action

“Frontier has all of the elements my kiddos like--choice, challenge, interesting topics--and the elements I like--accountability, feedback, meaningful content. I loved the opening project as many of my students are afraid of failure or seeming to be ‘not smart.’ I got some really great insight from their presentations, and I'd like to think their attitudes changed a little.”


– Intervention Specialist

Elementary School in Ohio


Ready to see how Frontier can look in your classroom?