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3rd Grade RL

Argumentive Writing

Should people keep wild animals as pets?


My wild pet

Write a letter to Wonderopolis about whether or not we should keep wild animals as pets. Explain which animals are pet-worthy, which animals are not, and why.

3rd Grade RI

Argumentive Writing

Are video games bad for kids?


Video games letter

Write a letter to Wonderopolis about whether or not video games are bad for kids. Use evidence from your project to support your opinion.

4th Grade RL

Argumentive Writing

What makes horseback riding so popular?


My horseback ride

Make a presentation or write a persuasive argument convincing your audience that horseback riding is or is not a sport.

4th Grade RI

Argumentive Writing

Is LeBron the best basketball player ever?


My Lebron James blog

Write a blog entry on myespnforkids.com explaining why LeBron James is or is not the best basketball player that has ever lived.

5th Grade RI

Narrative Writing

How can kids make a difference?


My difference in the world

How can you make a difference in the world? Create a project that explains what you would do to change world. What kind of help would you need? How would you get people involved? Why do you think your project could really make a difference?

5th Grade RI

Argumentative Writing

Was Taylor Swift right to leave Spotify?


My message to Taylor Swift

Write a letter to Taylor Swift expressing your thoughts about streaming music. Use evidence from this Frontier to describe why it is or is not a good idea for her to take her songs off of streaming services like Spotify.

6th Grade RL

Narrative Writing

Why do people turn to the dark side?


My Star Wars creation

Imagine you are a Star Wars screenwriter and write a brief movie script in which Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader’s heroic son, turns to the dark side.

Narrative Writing

When is failing a good thing?


My inspirational poster

In this project you will learn how important failure is to become amazing at something. Then you will create a digital poster, infographic, or letter to inspire yourself when you fail.

Argumentative Writing

How does social media impact your life?


My social media creation

Write an open letter to or create a poster about Essena O’Neill, the ex-Instagram star, expressing your thoughts on social media. Use evidence from this project to decide if social media is good or bad for your life and describe why it is or is not a good idea for her to quit Instagram.

Argumentative Writing

Should every school teach kids how to code?


My coding project

Write a letter or create a presentation to send to your school principal expressing your thoughts about coding. Use evidence from this project to describe why it is or is not a good idea for your school to teach kids how to code. Make sure your project: answers the question, explains what coding is, uses at least 3 pieces of evidence from the resources, and is organized.

8th Grade RL

Narrative Writing

Which superpower would you choose?


My superpower

Have you ever imagined what life would be like if you had a superpower? In this Frontier you’ll explore different superpowers and try to narrow it down to just one that you really want. Then you’ll imagine that you woke up one morning with your favorite super power, but it will only last for 24 hours. What will you do?

8th Grade RI & RL

Narrative Writing

What is Art?


My understanding of art

How do you know what art is? Is it just paintings and sculptures? Is graffiti art? Is hip-hop? Does art have to be beautiful? In this Frontier you’ll look at many different things people consider art and have to decide for yourself what art really is. In your project you will create your own work of art and explain why you consider it art.

Narrative Writing

What makes Hamilton so unique?


My historical creation

No one imagined that a hip-hop musical about America’s first treasury secretary would become on the most successful Broadway shows of all time. In this Frontier, you get to learn about “Hamilton: An American Musical” and then make your own creative project about an event in history.

Explanatory Writing

Should driverless cars be allowed on the road?


My driverless car

Have you ever wondered how driverless cars work? Should we use them? Are they safe? In this Frontier you’ll learn about how driverless cars work and different people’s opinions about them. Then you’ll decide what you think and convince the National Transportation Safety Board whether driverless cars should be allowed on the road or not.

Argumentative Writing

Who elects the president of the United States?


My election

The United States is the most famous democracy in the world. It’s a country where every person’s voice counts in electing leaders. But do voters in some states have more of a say than others? In this project, you’ll learn about how the US Electoral College works and decide if it is a fair system or not.

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