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Frontier sparks creativity with authentic projects about topics students love.

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ELA and Writing




Grades 3-8


Integrates with Google Drive

Frontier helps students lead their own learning.

I love...

Students sign in and select a Frontier, or project, about a topic they love. Each project option is aligned to the student’s unique learning level as determined by existing third-party assessment data.


I wonder...

Within every Frontier, students are faced with an essential question that is meaningful to them. If a student is fascinated by airplanes, he or she will spend 4-6 weeks pondering the question “What is it like to be an astronaut?"


I learn...

Engaging, diverse online resources are curated to help students research the essential question. Quick quizzes are interspersed between articles, videos, infographics, and podcasts to help students reflect and begin to synthesize learning.


I create...

Finally, students participate in a community larger than themselves as they synthesize and creatively express their work. Peers are able to give and receive feedback before students publish their work to an external, authentic audience.


"Frontier gives the students that sense of empowerment and ownership over their learning. It's giving them that confidence that they need to go to the next level."

– Sarah Bateman, 4th grade teacher, Colonial School District

Projects about topics students love

Engage students with reading and writing projects at their level

3rd Grade RL

Argumentive Writing

Should people keep wild animals as pets?


My wild pet

Write a letter to Wonderopolis about whether or not we should keep wild animals as pets. Explain which animals are pet-worthy, which animals are not, and why.

4th Grade RI

Argumentive Writing

Is LeBron the best basketball player ever?


My Lebron James blog

Write a blog entry on myespnforkids.com explaining why LeBron James is or is not the best basketball player that has ever lived.

6th Grade RL

Narrative Writing

Why do people turn to the dark side?


My Star Wars creation

Imagine you are a Star Wars screenwriter and write a brief movie script in which Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader’s heroic son, turns to the dark side.

8th Grade RI & RL

Narrative Writing

What is Art?


My understanding of art

How do you know what art is? Is it just paintings and sculptures? Is graffiti art? Is hip-hop? Does art have to be beautiful? In this Frontier you’ll look at many different things people consider art and have to decide for yourself what art really is. In your project you will create your own work of art and explain why you consider it art.

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“Frontier gives students autonomy. Kids are so much more invested in doing research. One benefit is they're focused on the content, but the primary benefit is that they're leading their own learning.” 

– Matt Gaven, Principal, Mineola Public Schools

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